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Getting employees to engage with wellness programs is hard. CalorieQuality is the nutrition tracker that requires the least effort of users. Users upload photos of their food purchase receipts and shortly afterward receive feedback on how healthy their choices were in the form of traffic light-labeled nutrition scores and tips.

How It Works

  • Employer sets up internal goals for how much health savings dollars per month to incentivize employees with for hitting a target receipt upload count.

  • CalorieQuality notifies employer when employees reach their target receipt upload amount.

  • Employees receive employer funded credits to their HSA for uploading receipt photos and viewing the healthfulness scores of their purchase.

Why It Works

  • Study after study conducted by large nutritional research organizations has found traffic light labeling to be the most effective form of food label for positively changing consumer behavior regardless of education level [1][2][3][4][5].

  • Using the CalorieQuality app keeps nutrition at the top of mind for employees in an easier-to-understand format than current labeling.

  • Because each receipt upload takes only 5 seconds, CalorieQuality makes getting employee engagement easier.

Case Study: Nutri-Score

  • In March 2017, France announced the country would be adopting NutriScore as the country’s official, voluntary label.

  • The decision follows a 10 week test of 4 labels in 60 supermarkets across France to determine which one was most effective in promoting healthy eating.

  • Results of the test concluded the NutriScore traffic light was most effective compared to other systems. These results fully confirm many epidemiological studies published in recent years in international scientific journals.

“France’s robust use of evidence to inform this decision should be commended, including a study that compared the validity of 4 different nutrient labelling systems and concluded that the Nutri-score system clearly stood out as the most consumer-friendly scheme.. Evidence now from France and elsewhere shows that this type of labelling can contribute to informing healthy choices, meeting growing consumer demands for information on healthier options.”

- World Health Organization

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