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CalorieQuality is the quickest way to keep track of your diet. Upload photos of receipts and CQ logs the nutrition of all the foods you purchased. Set goals and seamlessly manage your health and fitness.


Healthy Eating Made Simple

CalorieQuality takes the guess work out of nutrition. It allows you to take a picture of a receipt from the largest restaurants in the country and immediately receive important nutrition data.

How does CalorieQuality Help Me?

The easiest way to prevent and reverse chronic disease is by eating healthy


Nutrition Made Simple

There's a lot of confusing information out there about nutrition. CalorieQuality's traffic light food scoring system makes it easy to understand what's good and what's bad.


Use the CalorieQuality platform to start eating healthier. Change the way you eat, and reduce the probability of chronic disease.

Modify your behavior

Set goals and monitor your purchases so you can buy healthier products and start living a healthier lifestyle

Explore the CQ Database

Explore a database of 50,000+ restaurant and grocery items to learn about the nutrition of every day items.

Maintaining a healthy weight is not as simple as counting calories

Emerging research from the world's most prominent medical institutions advises the quality of foods consumed matters more for chronic disease prevention and maintaining a healthy weight than calorie quantity.

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50,000+ food and grocery items from leading retailers and restaurants

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